Creating Story from Object



‘Creating Story from Object’ was held at ‘The Ropewalk Pub’ in Bedminster on a sunny Saturday. We collected objects that grew into characters with worlds of their own, they talked to each other and told us stories.

This session received funding from Time to Share so we all had a free lunch of spiced parsnip or carrot and fresh coriander soup with home baked bread.

Feedback from writing sessions:

Recommendation for Loud Word Writing Workshops led by Anita . Anita held this workshop gently, allowing me to express my anxieties ,obscurities and raw feelings with others and be supported by her with clear boundaries. I think her skills are in applying and releasing creativity in others . As a carer at home my mental health can be fragile at times and I trust her self awareness. She brings spice to life and I accept her inspiration .She should be on the National Health Service , thanks Anita . – From Anne Clark

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