Pink Mist at Bristol Old Vic


Written for Weston-Super-Mum

Pink Mist had sell out seasons in 2016 in both Bristol and London, so when I heard it was returning to Bristol Old Vic before its 2017 UK tour I had to see it. Owen Sheers writes with such lyrical beauty that the audience experiences the true stories behind the act of going to war. ‘Pink Mist’ was inspired by thirty interviews with returned servicemen and was originally written for the radio.


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Why the Arts?


It’s no small thing working in the arts. No small thing at all. When I’m sick and there’s no pay, or a full-on contract with an end in sight, with no time to pitch for a new contract.  No holidays. No manager. No rest. All my peers are tired and funding has been cut all over the place. Support is less and less, there’s nothing to lean on, nowhere to go to.

I phoned the GP yesterday, I’ve been ill for a month the receptionist said ‘Haven’t you seen the news lately? The doctor hasn’t got time to call you. They barely have time to do surgery. The situation is dire here.’ I go back to bed and think for a while about the projects I have set up. The fact that the council won’t allow the posters I had designed to be printed. Why? Because of the cuts, the freezes on budgets. Frustration is building up around me with the people I’m networking with. What’s the point when the service you are working to promote may well be gone next month? I do think ‘Why? Why the arts?’ it is hard not to.

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Rocky: A Horror Show at the Wardrobe Theatre

Written for Weston-Super-mum


Rocky: A Horror Show proves that the other Rocky offerings were only placed on this earth as the ingredients for this show. After the world shattering success of Goldilock, Stock and Three Smoking Bears last Christmas at the Wardrobe the tickets for this show flew out of the door faster than a fast thing. If you are super quick and get in touch with the box office right now, you might be part of the glittering gang that have witnessed this gender blending, punchy-parody.


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Windmill Hill City Farm – Sundial creation.

Sundial discs – designs

It’s been 40 years since volunteers first cleared the ground for Windmill Hill City Farm to begin. We are celebrating by creating a legacy – a sundial that will be a permanent fixture at the front of the farm. The sundial is operated by you and your shadow will tell the time!


We have invited our local community to take part in creating the designs for our sundial discs. Over the last three months children and adults have been sharing their ideas by drawing them, writing them down or chatting about them. Here are some of the people who have taken part.

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‘Coulrophobia’ – Tobacco factory


Written for WestonSuperMum

Coulrophobia = the fear of clowns. Perfect title for this show, even the clowns are afraid of clowns and puppets, or is it just puppets of clowns? As the audience enters the auditorium the mayhem has begun to unravel. All the seat numbers have been removed and people are forced to talk to each other, negotiate, let go, put on a bewildered look and enter into the cardboard world of Coulrophobia.

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