Honestly Ungrateful

Some days it’s damn hard to be grateful. To be truly grateful for small things is life changing, it is scientifically proven. Think of three good things right now: 1. A good thing that has happened today, no matter… Read More

Love Biscuits

No cut and paste pleasantries for my palate please. I cannot be contained with the small words kept in your pocket. I will not be tamed by your treats. You need to call me from deep in your… Read More

Sticky Ink

Click play, sit back and read. Summer heat pushes all my thoughts into a cool underground cave, I’m left here empty-headed dancing around blank pages. My notebook taunts me with waves splashed all over the front cover, inviting me… Read More

Top Tips for Starting a Story

I am often asked, how do I get ideas for writing? There are many ways to approach the task, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of my top tips. Top tip number one: Eavesdrop,… Read More

Click Here To Try Drugs.

As I search for my identity through the debris of my past, looking for a topic to write about, an old friend taps me on the shoulder, Mr. Social Media – I’ve named him Mr.Facecrack. One that I’d… Read More