Imagine a young Dame Edna Everage paint her orange, now put a blonde Side-Show Bob (from the Simpsons) wig on her. Breathe. It’s ok. Next give her the brightest pink tights you could imagine and the wickedest… Read More

Begin Again – the creative process

  It’s that time of year when the promise of light is in the air. For those of us who have been sat in the darkness for too long – this one is for you. Hacking through bracken,… Read More

Permission To Play.

Are we all just big kids still waiting for someone to invite us out to play? Have we as adults lost ourselves just a bit to the business of being a grown-up? Are you hoping for a knock… Read More

My Inner Muse is a Harridan.

Stephen King says his muse ‘…lives in a cellar, chomps his cigar and makes magic.’ I wanted to know who mine is, so I decided to get in bed with my writer-self. I felt I have been neglectful… Read More

Dirty Knickers

As a writer I reckon I should be setting up this mystique and persona around what I present to you, my audience. However I’ve never really been one to conform, I’m the kind of person who’ll tell you… Read More