Playwright and Dramaturg – David Lane

Creator of the invaluable resource for playwrights ‘Lane’s List’, David Lane has inspired me with his creative energy and insights. David Lane is a playwright and dramaturg currently an associate artist with The Egg Theatre. ‘Stalin’s daughter’, David’s… Read More

Writing for Radio – Paul Dodgson

Paul Dodgson is a talented writer, radio producer, composer and teacher who has written and produced extensively for the BBC in the UK. He has written fourteen radio plays for BBC radio, the latest two ‘Home’ and ‘You… Read More

Spark Lab Productions – Melanie Harris

  Melanie Harris set up the northern base of BBC writers room developing talent for TV, film, new media and radio for four years there. Melanie now makes award-winning programmes for all BBC radio networks, at Spark Lab… Read More

Are You Sitting Comfortably? – Let me tell you a story.

Buried deep under piles of paper, I am busy researching for my next project. It’s easy to lose myself as ideas rain down on me so fast, I run in circles trying to catch them all. At the… Read More

The Truth Behind Freelancing

Recently I wrote a super positive blog post on freelancing, which was quite brilliant. Today I want to share with you the dark side of walking this self-employment path, the side that no-one really wants to admit to…. Read More