Arvon Writing Retreat – ‘writing for radio’

¬† ¬†Arvon has been shrouded in mystery for some years for me, I’d heard it’s only for real writers, people who take themselves seriously. I always presumed I wasn’t quite good enough to go. How do you know… Read More

‘Have – A – Word’ – Open Mic Night. (or adults that need to play)

Adults like to play just as much as children – that’s a fact. Whether their playful nature is unlocked by downing six pints of cider and singing karaoke, or taking children to the park and swinging on the… Read More

Treat Yourself

Love Biscuits

No cut and paste pleasantries for my palate please. I cannot be contained with the small words kept in your pocket. I will not be tamed by your treats. You need to call me from deep in your… Read More