As an active creative in Bristol, I am fascinated by the intricate webs of connectivity that are woven over my city. I am currently on a mission to find out what happens when Bristol writers want to develop scripts.  All genres will be explored, radio, theatre and film.

My background over the last twenty years has been in community theatre. I am well versed in the medium of physical devising leading to script writing, culminating into a directed performance. I passionately believe in the empowering process of people bonding over the act of sharing their stories. However in my quest to empower others to follow their dreams, I have lost track of my own. After some soul searching and a weeks residential with ‘Fork-beard Fantasy‘, I realised all I really wanted to do was write my own story. Having made that decision I signed up to do an MA in Professional writing and began exploring which medium I wished to take further. It should be no surprise that I have been drawn back onto the familiar ground of script-writing. Collaborating with others and creative development that the world of theatre thrives on, excite me. I have much learning to do, as I fit the puzzle pieces of this world together.

Over the next few months I will be meeting some of the inspirational artists and writers that keep Bristol a-glow with their creative sparks. Drop me a line if you wish to join in the conversation, or keep in touch by following the up-dates here.





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