Harry and Chris + Gecko at the Wardrobe Theatre



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Having seen Harry Baker perform a few times I was excited to see he was back in Bristol for the first night of his UK tour. Harry has developed his performance and teamed up with his BFF Chris Read combining spoken word, song and guitar music.

The audience was notably younger than usual at the Wardrobe theatre, with a high number of well-groomed young men with waxed moustaches. A brazen anticipation was bubbling in the air before the first act Gecko emerged. Harry and Chris teamed up with Gecko after their successful sell out run at Edinburgh Festival. Gecko sings about all the important issues in life: Eastenders, the tooth fairy and libraries, to name a few. His playfully dry humour had the audience mesmerised; many people got to their feet to deliver rampant applause at the end of his act. My companion for this evening was my sixteen year old son and he absolutely loved it, inspired by sharp wit, verbal dexterity and occasional references to mathematics – it was an inspiring evening for him.

Harry and Chris deliver the pun-tastic second half , where they wisely and generously poke fun at themselves as ‘wholesome inoffensive people’, claiming that their ideal demographic is a Christian youth worker. It feels like a privilege to see these performers at the beginning, as their careers are taking off. Their unapologetic joy in the world and generosity of heart towards each other and the audience is heart-warming. Although each performer gives a distinct nod towards the political climate and the general shitiness that is going on a global scale, they stay focused on hope. It is life-affirming (almost a religious experience ;)) to see the spoken word scene embraced so passionately. I noted a number of performers from various spoken word nights in the audience, the talent and skill in Bristol is incredible.

My personal favourite was ‘Let’s all Play Monopoly’, a parody of a One-Direction song. For me it summed up the love of play and abundance of time to play. I left feeling uplifted with the words of the last song in my head ‘Give me Simple Times’ and ‘What a Wonderful World’. Thank you Harry and Chris + Gecko for bringing sweet, sensitive insights and refreshingly smart word-play into the world.


This was the first night of the Harry and Chris + Gecko international tour


Pink Mist at Bristol Old Vic


Written for Weston-Super-Mum

Pink Mist had sell out seasons in 2016 in both Bristol and London, so when I heard it was returning to Bristol Old Vic before its 2017 UK tour I had to see it. Owen Sheers writes with such lyrical beauty that the audience experiences the true stories behind the act of going to war. ‘Pink Mist’ was inspired by thirty interviews with returned servicemen and was originally written for the radio.


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Rocky: A Horror Show at the Wardrobe Theatre

Written for Weston-Super-mum


Rocky: A Horror Show proves that the other Rocky offerings were only placed on this earth as the ingredients for this show. After the world shattering success of Goldilock, Stock and Three Smoking Bears last Christmas at the Wardrobe the tickets for this show flew out of the door faster than a fast thing. If you are super quick and get in touch with the box office right now, you might be part of the glittering gang that have witnessed this gender blending, punchy-parody.


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‘Coulrophobia’ – Tobacco factory


Written for WestonSuperMum

Coulrophobia = the fear of clowns. Perfect title for this show, even the clowns are afraid of clowns and puppets, or is it just puppets of clowns? As the audience enters the auditorium the mayhem has begun to unravel. All the seat numbers have been removed and people are forced to talk to each other, negotiate, let go, put on a bewildered look and enter into the cardboard world of Coulrophobia.

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Beyond the Ridiculous


Before I saw ‘Beyond the Ridiculous’ my life meant nothing. Nothing at all. Now after one night of these bunch of fools my life has meaning and purpose once more. Seriously though I was a bit fed up before getting on down to the Wardrobe and indulging in an evening with these fools and now I have pieces of joy firmly wedged in my eyes.

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