‘Coulrophobia’ – Tobacco factory


Written for WestonSuperMum

Coulrophobia = the fear of clowns. Perfect title for this show, even the clowns are afraid of clowns and puppets, or is it just puppets of clowns? As the audience enters the auditorium the mayhem has begun to unravel. All the seat numbers have been removed and people are forced to talk to each other, negotiate, let go, put on a bewildered look and enter into the cardboard world of Coulrophobia.

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Beyond the Ridiculous


Before I saw ‘Beyond the Ridiculous’ my life meant nothing. Nothing at all. Now after one night of these bunch of fools my life has meaning and purpose once more. Seriously though I was a bit fed up before getting on down to the Wardrobe and indulging in an evening with these fools and now I have pieces of joy firmly wedged in my eyes.

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‘The Weir’ – Tobacco Factory


Written for WestonSupermum

The Weir is a perfect night in a pub, if you like your nights in a pub to be dark, poetic and full of banter. The minute the audience enters the auditorium we are transported to an Irish pub. The attention to detail is impeccable, even the wallpaper behind the pictures on the wall tells a story of age. The set is expansive, as doors open I completely believe the actors are going into ‘the house’ or ‘out the front’. The bar appears fully functioning and plenty of pints are pulled over the course of the night. Then come the characters, perfectly cast by Kay Magson. As the accents unroll and spill across the stage we are witnessing an intimate peek into the private life of these people.

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A Picture Tells A Thousand Lies

Written for the ‘Dangerous Women‘ project.


A picture tells a thousand lies. Like this one above. It’s beautiful, a perfect illustration of my perfect life. Except it’s not. Obviously. I was on the verge of running away from everything on this day.

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Blue Heart – Tobacco Factory

Review written for WestonSuperMum



The diversity of the Tobacco Factory staging is always a joy. Blue Heart is staged in the round as it should be, creating an intimate yet voyeuristic quality that lends itself to the play perfectly. The minimal set is cast with a cold blue light conjuring a sharp focus with a luminescent kitchen table, hinting at a healthy dose of the surreal.

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