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Imagine a young Dame Edna Everage paint her orange, now put a blonde Side-Show Bob (from the Simpsons) wig on her. Breathe. It’s ok. Next give her the brightest pink tights you could imagine and the wickedest gleam in her eye. Right. You now have Deirdre. Deirdre comperes Nincompoop, a comedy open mic night hosted by the ‘Wardrobe Theatre’.


She describes the night as a place to come and poop on stage. If performers want to come and try out their new and sometimes poopy ideas in front of an audience this is the night for them. Nincompoop attracts brave new performers who want to strut their stuff, alongside seasoned performers who want to flex their muscles. Whoever brings you the four acts of the night you are guaranteed unexpected hilarity and passion. Acts have included naked angels chased by suicide bombers, silent clowns tempting women with chocolate, men dressed as zebras, female comedians, chaotic poetry and a huge cacophony of glittery chaos.


Deirdre facilitates super special games for the audience in-between acts. If you are the luckiest of lucky you’ll get up on stage for a chance to win a life changing 60 minute day out with Deirdre. I’ve actually met people who have done this and it literally has changed their lives. Last time I was there she promised me that she was getting her face printed on pairs of knickers, so the audience could win them. I’m going to be first in line. My husband has already won two framed pictures of Deirdre that he keeps on his bedside table. Deirdre has dedicated fans who are drawn to her like moths to a lit candle.


Clowns and fools greet the audience as they arrive, ushering them into to the theatre. Merging fiction with reality from the moment you enter the bar, preparing the audience for the mind-bending roller-coaster that awaits.

Nincompoop is ‘pay what you decide’ most people decide to pay a lot. Most people empty their wallets into the modest suitcase Deirdre has open at the doors for when it’s time to go.

If you don’t care about time, being sensible or getting dirty – go empty your wallets at Nincompoop. Do it. Do it. Feel the love. Be embraced by fellow humans. And learn the theme tune… come on everybody ‘Nincompoops have all the fun…’.

Once a month on the second Sunday of the month in Bristol. Bi-monthly in Exeter at the Bike-Shed. Spreading across the UK like wildfire, catch it quick before Nincompoop is snatched up by Channel Four.


P.s. I’ll share secret with you. The genius behind this gathering of fools is Lucy Harrington. Check out more of her work here.


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