Creating with Liz Clarke – writing for theatre.


Image by Carl Newland

I first met Liz Clarke when she delivered the Dare Devil Diva project as part of Drastic productions, she continues to work to empower and inspire Bristol people. As a practising artist who works in social engagement, it is essential to have a strong artist persona, which Liz manages magnificently. We met up and chatted over a pint at the Windmill pub.

I asked Liz if there were reoccurring themes in her work, which of course there are. ‘Otherness in feminism, gender roles, hyper-feminine archetypes and using the body in performance art.’

Speaking to Liz I am reminded that knowing your underlying themes and your primary message as an artist is key to networking and developing projects. To draw upon all our life experiences and how these impact our work, being performance, writing or visual art. Art isn’t a segregated outcome or product; it’s a process and part of the need for self expression. I am also reminded that collaboration in the writing process does not have to follow a linear path. Writers working with artists to find new ways of working together can have wonderful and exciting results. This was the case for Liz, when working with Richard Aslan, as part of the Theatre Bristol Writers in residence programme, you can see the interviews here and here.

I asked Liz how she manages to get her funding to develop work, as an ex-arts officer Liz writes her own funding bids, many of which are successful. This allows space and time for pieces to creatively evolve, solid planning at the beginning of a project, clear visualisation.

We chatted about how ideas arrive in dreams and ultimately artists are guided by self connection. These subjects resonate with me and I cannot wait to see Liz’s next project as she turns into a cyborg.

Thank you for being so generous with your time Liz 🙂 


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