What Does Home Mean To You?

Home is a place where I navigate un-chartered territory, hiding from my darkest dusty corners and celebrating my sparkliest eye catching glitters. It’s the place where I can safely go into my chrysalis and emerge as a butterfly, before sharing that self with the rest of the world. My home is an ocean that creates its own storms, and provides me with the calmest waters, from which to drink deep. All this is contained between my four walls, a seemingly ordinary place, in an unremarkable street. If you zoomed out on Google earth, my home is lost on the second click, gobbled up by bigger spaces or taller buildings. Just gone.

I know that wherever I re-create my home I call specific ingredients to hand; these ingredients are mine, amongst my teetering tower of books and mugs of tea. I rest:

* Large pots of bold colours, to re-claim the subtle walls before my eyes.

* My cat, who sits with me and reminds me to breathe and be still.

* Two children, one tall boy and one medium sized girl. To whizz around me, creatively calling on every single part of my body to do it’s best and better. Again and again and again.

* A husband, brown eyed, stubborn, forgiving, perceptive and warm.

* A million billion creative projects that allow my imperfection to be my saving grace as I learn over and over, to carry on.

* A fine mixture of order and chaos and a tight-rope upon which to walk with these two.

If I focus on specific objects, what would symbolise home to me? It has to be a good cup of tea, with time to drink it, no distractions. My favourite turquoise and green cup, rounded china sides, holding the liquid for me. Spiced chai or an earl grey are the teas that bring me happiness. I could do without every other physical object in my house, I even bring my own tea-bags with me when I go away. Slip them into my handbag, sometimes a forgotten jeans pocket gets washed and my washing-machine becomes a giant tea-pot.


What does home mean to you? What ingredients do you take with you wherever you go?



3 Comments on “What Does Home Mean To You?

  1. Home is where the people I love most in the world are, wherever that place is in the world. Home is where I open my door and invite others in, where I share whatever I’m about to eat, and where I scan my bookshelves after intimate conversations and become inspired to learn more, to be more. Home is sitting up in bed each morning and welcoming the day, loving the early morning silence and the company of my own soul. Home is a feather pillow, copious amounts of green tea and notebooks capturing the fleeting essence of daily precious life.

    Thanks for posting Anita – lovely!

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  2. Beautifully written. Home is my sanctuary. It is the door behind which the air suddenly turns to my air. My walls. My ways. And my person, who married me, who understands me more than anyone ever did. It is my furry warm slippers and quiet and stillness. It is cooking and eating whatever my mind comes up with. Ah. This makes me want to take the next subway back home haha 😉


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