Regular people – indulging a small routine rests the brain.


Been feeling low lately, just a little slow, spending too much time in front of my laptop doing pretend research. Thousands of ideas buzzing in my head, bumping into each other and squashing each one dead. Today I escaped from my screen based life and took a walk in the woods. I stopped here and there to write in my notebook, managing to move forward on projects that I’d previously forgotten. Rediscovered words that were buried in the ‘to-do’ pile.

In amongst the trees and dappled light I noticed old people – middle-aged people walking dogs, cycling, running around mud paths, these people create the back drop of my life. People that blend in, conform to routine, dressed in brown, black or grey. I wonder to myself, if I came here every day at the same time, would I see the same people over and over, like ground-hog day.

One woman, mousey hair, dull blue jacket, round worn glasses, intersects my path with her dog. As she says ‘hello’ to me, I catch the youth in her voice and her greeting makes me look up and see myself reflected in her eyes. In that moment of recognition, I know I am almost one of these people already. I could easily come here every day, get my dose of green space, sit here, write and walk.Creating a routine that provides a small piece of sanctuary in my speed of light life.

I could so readily slip into the back-ground of other peoples lives, as I spend my days making pack-lunches for my children and taxi my family around, perhaps I already have.

My mind takes a deep breath as it can rest from the daily struggle to find time for myself. It is also a signal to my struggling self-concious, (which has been yelling at me in my dreams) to come out and play or process what has been ticking away over the last few weeks. Regular time at a regular place is not quite as bad as I had thought, not ready to dress in grey and beige yet though. Maybe next year 😉


6 Comments on “Regular people – indulging a small routine rests the brain.

  1. Beautifully written and: I can relate. Have been going through the same sort of glued-to-the-screen period. It’s time to hit the park again!! How could I forget? Especially now that fall is coming on I love going for walks alone. Thanks for the reminder ❤

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