Permission To Play.

Are we all just big kids still waiting for someone to invite us out to play? Have we as adults lost ourselves just a bit to the business of being a grown-up? Are you hoping for a knock on the door and a spontaneous adventure outside? I have to remind myself that I am allowed to instigate play as an adult. I do not need permission, from anyone. Most of the work I do as a freelance artist is to give permission to grown-ups to play in a creative way. You do not need to be a story-teller, visual-artist, pc master or 3D sculptor to use your imagination. I’ve seen children pick up a piece of dirt and give it a name and a voice. If you feel you simply cannot let yourself go, I have devised a new product for you and your family:



Authentic Retro Play Pack, From Bristol UK.

Parents, are your children always in front of a screen? Glued to a pc? Attached to their phone? Is it painful to leave the house? Get them to bed? Remove them from the latest tablet, iphone or screen? With the new play pack, you can solve all these problems with one simple click. Become a better parent without leaving your armchair. The pack enables imaginative play, improves self esteem, and encourages motivated team work. Buy one of these packs for your children and we will guarantee you will have a reaction from your family. The storytelling games presented with the new play items will enable you to support your child’s academic progress by linking in with school curriculum. Feelings of anxiety will reduce as your child achieves their play goals with this box of opportunity.

Each pack contains:


10 sturdy pet sticks – wrapped in organic eco-string. Each stick comes with its own name and personal history, promoting literacy in play.


Ball of organic eco string – hand rolled, with secrets whispered into each layer.


Eco-soil – packed with local Bristol history – stories of pirates, slaves, pies and community spirit – all contained within each grain. Enrich your child’s mind – be grounded in family play.



Buy now for a new bargain priced family experience.

All this available for £19.99 plus postage and packing.

Two packs £24.99 plus postage and packing.

Special deals for schools and community groups.


Also available – ‘My first protest pack’ for parents that have lost touch with their identity; introduce your children to ‘Thinking for yourself’ and ‘Speaking out.’

More details coming soon…


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