As a writer I reckon I should be setting up this mystique and persona around what I present to you, my audience. However I’ve never really been one to conform, I’m the kind of person who’ll tell you anything. I’ll happily tell you what colour my knickers are, or if I’m contemplating running away from my family responsibilities. I don’t keep secrets well, they sit inside of me until my insides boil and the words seep out through clenched teeth. This is all well and good and yet, as a writer I feel a certain obligation to work on my slight of hand, enhance the magical touches that are created behind the scenes before an article is published. In other words agonise over the editing process, cry over spelling mistakes, be shamed by grammatical errors. I have an impatient streak, that’s as ingrained as my veins. Born a month early, I don’t do late. Or waiting. Once I’ve written something, my fingers itch to press publish, as natural as completing a sentence with a full stop.

I confess I’m a recovering perfectionist and have taken the quote ‘mistakes are our biggest teacher’ as a way of life, or a form of therapy. As a theatre director, knowing an audience is always waiting somewhere, can lead to obsessive behaviour over ‘getting it right’. I am in recovery. I now realise the path of creativity never ends. Nothing is ever finished, so why pretend at all. I can promise you, that you will always be able to spot a mistake in my posts, I’ll slip them in especially, like a ‘Where’s Wally’ game.

I have been told that when making a Persian rug, there is always a deliberate mistake woven into the pattern, to remind people that they are made by humans. There is a belief that only ‘Allah’ makes things perfectly and it would be an offence to mimic that creative genius.

Neil Gaiman gave a now well known key note speech to remind graduates that mistakes can put us on the journey towards our greatest moments.

I know everything can be bigger, bolder or more beautiful, I have a creative soul, I can always see more than what is. So instead of plaguing myself with piles of flawed finished pieces of writing projects. I’ll just lay myself and my process open and share the mistaken treasures, I may or may not create.


 Images courtesy of Donna Jane.


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